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Terrafab in Muskogee, OK

To cap rising energy costs and harness federal tax credits, Terrafab chose ArrowPoint Solar to design, install and manage one of the largest solar power projects ever in the state of Oklahoma. The business began saving money immediately.

Terrafab Industries owner Dan Morris has been in business in Muskogee for nearly 30 years. His factory cuts and welds steel for highway bridges and multiple other large-scale steel constructions.

As Terrafab grew, so did their energy costs — more and more, year over year. At their peak, Terrafab was paying nearly $5,000 a month in utility costs alone.

Terrafab Industries in Muskogee, OK

Thanks to ArrowPoint’s grant writers, Terrafab was able to secure USDA grants totaling over $140,000 to cover a substantial portion of his business’ solar project installation costs. Thanks to his new system, Terrafab has enjoyed $25 utility bills many months of the years, helping the factory increase their profits to support long-term growth for their business.

“I’ve been so impressed with how smooth our installation went — as well as how well the system has performed. It has exceeded my expectations on every level. Shawn and his team are great to work with, and they understand what a business owner needs in order to make solar work for their unique situation.” Dan Morris, Terrafab Owner